Electric scooter charging cost calculator

Electric Scooter Charging Cost Calculator

Electric scooters is a cheap and easy way to get around. But what does it actually cost to get around with an electric scooter?

To answer that question, we must calculate how much it costs us to charge an electric scooters battery.

This calculator was created by us and is provided for free! It can be used internationally with any currency!

* Read our buying guide if you want more detailed knowledge about purchasing an electric scooter.

You need this first:

To accurately calculate the cost of charging an electric scooter, you need to have the following:
(don’t worry, it is easy to find out)

  • Power Capacity of your battery (Kwh) OR the Charge Capacity and Voltage of the battery. (This is very often provided by the manufacturer and found in the specifications of the electric scooter).
  • Price per 1 kwh of electricity. (This is found on your electricity bill, or on the website of your electricity-provider. If you want a quick average price, check out the table at the bottom of this page).

Electric Scooter Charging Cost Calculator:

Total Cost: 0

The cost is in the same currency and unit you entered your price in (i.e. if you used cents, it will be in cents).

Electricity Prices (Average)

CountryElectricity Cost Average
United Kingdom0,47
New Zealand0,18
Electricity cost in $USD per country