GoTrax G6 electric scooter comparison

GoTrax G6

Description and overview

The GoTrax G6 electric scooter has a range of 35 miles (56 km) and a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). The Single motor system can propel the electric scooter with ease with its 500 watts of peak power.

The energy source of this electric scooter is a 48V, 15.0Ah battery. The battery has a capacity of 720Wh (the amount of work that can be produced for one hour).

This e-scooter is equipped with Disc Brakes.

The maximum weight (also called max load) for this e-scooter is 264 lbs (120 kg), while the electric scooter itself weighs 45 lbs (20 kg).

The latest price data shows that the GoTrax G6 electric scooter is sold for $699 (USD), which converts to €643 (Euro) or £545 (Great Britain Pound).

Specifications of GoTrax G6


  • Range in miles: 35
  • Range in km: 56
  • Speed in mph: 20
  • Speed in km/h: 32
  • Peak Power: 500

Dimensions & weight

  • Tire-Size in inches: 10.0
  • Tire-Size in mm: 254
  • Max load in lbs: 264
  • Max load in kg: 120
  • Scooter weight in lbs: 45
  • Scooter weight in kg: 20


  • Motor(s): Single
  • Suspension: Yes
  • Brake System: Disc Brakes
  • IP-Class: IP54

Battery Specs

  • Battery Voltage: 48
  • Battery Amp-Hours: 15.0
  • Battery Capacity: 720