Introducing: Tool to browse and compare all electric scooters – Largest collection

Comparison of electric scooters is now much simpler thanks to our new tool. A custom developed browsing-tool which gives users the ability to filter our vast database by variables/parameters such as speed, range, peak power, ip-class, and much more (see below for a more complete list of variables).

This is a one-of-a-kind tool which is up to date with accurate and verified data. All published data is validated by us, each parameter and value cross-checked to make sure it is up to date.

This is by far the most accurate and comprehensive database of electric scooters on the internet, and it is made searchable and filterable easily with pictures and more.

Truthful information which is up to date

Our validated data is checked manually by us multiple times to make sure it is correct.

Unlike many others, we are unbiased and do not have any affiliation with any organization, making our information much more reliable. Did you notice we don’t have any ads? We are not driven by profits, because we seek none. We only provide the truth which is accurate data for the public.

Electric Scooter Comparison – What data is available?

We provide a vast database of variables which users can filter and search by. Below you can find a list of the variables.

Fields to filter out the best electric scooter

  • Prices in different currencies.
  • Speed in mph
  • Speed in km/h
  • Range in miles
  • Range in km
  • Peak power
  • Number of motors
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery Amp-Hours
  • Battery capacity
  • Weight in lbs
  • Weight in kg
  • Max load in lbs
  • Max load in kg
  • Tire size in inches
  • Tire size in mm
  • Ingress protection (IP-Class)
  • Brake system
  • Suspension
  • Warranty information
  • Brand name
  • Model name
  • Images
  • And more…

Best electric scooter

You can find the best electric scooter by just filtering out based on your own criteria. Just use our advanced filters and the results will be displayed for you. Simple!

If you want to know how to use the tool, continue reading or just visit the tool where it is also explained.

How to use the tool

The tool is simple to use, and very intuitive.

As you can see with the image there are a lot of filters and variables available for users to change.

All changes and selections of these parameters (or variables) updates the search results to the side instantly, showing the matched electric scooters.

The search results are live and you don’t have to worry about applying the filters, it is done automatically.

You can combine any number of filters to narrow down your search for the best electric scooter out there.

For instance, you can choose a price-range and filter on a certain brake-system such as disc brakes to find all electric scooters which match that search criteria.

More information is found on the tools page itself, where all fields are explained more in depth.

Each electric scooter which the results show can furthermore be clicked to view much more details about that particular model. A separate page will open to explain more about that electric scooter model.

Continuous updates with new models and brands

The tool is updated several times a week, with new data as well as to update existing data to keep everything accurate and up to date for our users.